Thursday, August 5, 2010

Google Users Can Sign Into Multiple Accounts

Alex Chitu at Googler Operating System has spotted a new Google feature that should please a lot of users. Some accounts now have an option for multiple sign-in, meaning they can log in to more than one Google account from a single browser at the same time.

This is likely more than just a test, because Google has information about the feature in its Help Center. It is probably just a matter of time until all users have the option.

At this point, it looks like the only Google products that support the feature are App Engine, Google Code, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Reader, Google Sites, and Google Voice, with Google Docs support coming soon. Other products will simply default to the first account you signed into from the browser.

Multiple sign-in will affect any offline activity you have connected to a Google account. Google offers the following warning:

Google Accounts Getting Multiple Sign-in Feature Enabling multiple sign-in will disable Offline products like Offline Gmail and Offline Calendar, as well as any browser bookmarks you've set to link to your accounts. If you use Offline Gmail, make sure to sync your offline mail before enabling multiple sign-in so you don't lose any messages in your outbox. If you would like to continue using Offline Gmail, Offline Calendar, and browser bookmarks linked to your accounts, do not enable the multiple sign-in option. If you have already enabled multiple sign-in, you may disable it.

I'm only speculating here, but this feature could play a significant role in Google's rumored "Google Me" social network initiative. Being able to easily operate multiple accounts would make it easier for users to manage multiple business-related accounts, while keeping them separate from personal accounts - like being able to control your business' Facebook Page while being logged in as yourself. Google also recently announced that all YouTube users would be required to have their accounts tied to Google accounts.

Google has yet to officially announce the multiple sign-in feature, but we can probably expect that they will do so shortly. More info is available here.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gmail Signature with embedded image

Good news for google lovers , they can now add their images as their signature.  Gmail signature with embedded images(workaround for "Images are not displayed, Display images below")
Instructions for creating Email signature in Gmail so that the images are displaying correctly in Gmail and Outlook clients (users does not have to press "Download images" or "images are not displayed. Display images below". The images are displayed automatically).

  1. Login to Gmail/Gapps, go to Labs and Enable feature "Canned responses" and "Insert Image" button.
  2. Create the signature by uploading images using Gmail Insert image button.
  3. Save signature with the "Canned response" menu
  4. Use the "Canned Response" menu each time you want to use the signature and you are not sitting in front of your own PC.

    Following two steps describe how to automatically insert the signature when composing email / replying.
  5. Install firefox plugin Wisestamp and click "Edit Signature". Now (this is important step), select all and drag the content of the Gmail editor (the created signature) to the Wisestamp HTML-editor.

    Note! If you do not drag the content, but instead create the signature in Wisestamp it will not display correctly. The recipient will then have to click the "Download images" or "Allow images" in order to see the signature images.
  6. Now every time you use Gmail + Firefox + Wisestamp The email-signature is inserted automatically in each email you send and guess what, the recipient does not need to press "Download images" or " Display images below".
Note! this is tested on Gmail/GApps, Hotmail and Outlook 2007 in march 2010. Receipients that use some version of the Firefox addin  "Better Gmail" may see file icons instead of embedded images.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inter 2nd Year 2010 Results

The Results for Intermediate 2nd year 2010 Results will be released at 11.30 am on Friday i.e. 30-04-2010 which would be available on various website and can even be known from various mobile services providers by sending messages to them on the specified numbers mentioned.

I wish all the student "Best of Luck". For further information of what has to be done after 10+2 please visit after 10+2 what. ECGC has the experts who are in this field from years and know which student is capable to do what. So contact the Education and career guidance cell now located at Mehdipatnam.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Universal Search Feature Added to Google Suggest for Mobile Share

Google just announced a new simple, and yet very useful feature of its mobile search service. The new feature is actually a spinoff of the universal search features in Google Suggest that helps you fill up your search query with Google’s keyword suggestions.

With universal search feature added to Google Suggest for mobile, you can now get answers to your queries faster while you are on the go, using of course your mobile phones.
Here’s an example given by Google:

For example, let’s say you’re flying to London and want to know: Is my flight on time? Or what is the exchange rate of the pound? As you type the flight “Ba 284″ or “Usd in pounds”, the answers are provided right below the search box, without having to wait for the results page. Other searches that show answers include weather (e.g., “weather london”), stock quotes (e.g., “intc”), current time (e.g., “time london”), calculator (e.g. “29*37″) and unit conversion (e.g., “220 miles in km”).

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pay Per Click

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Monitoring The Social Networking Websites

Search engines get the real benefits by monitoring the social networking websites. The reason being that they would make their sites indexed in the major search engines faster and it checks the quality of various websites, and more over it pays extra attention to the indexed websites. We the human beings have the highest capability of enrolling and bookmarking the websites faster than the robots finding them, these allows them to get their respective websites included and indexed faster.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Pay Per Play

PPP stands for Play Per Play which is an online advertising method that plays an audio advertisement on websites. The term "pay per play" comes from advertisers paying for each audio ad played. The web page playing the audio ad would be paid for each ad they connect.

The special case in this process is the audio ad would start playing itself when a visitor loads a web page. In advertising radio, the word "pay per play" also refer to a relationship between advertisers and audio ad producers.

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