Article Submission process

Article Submission process is a powerful method of gaining quality one-way incoming links to the client’s
site and has become standard in website search engine optimization strategies.
Every good webmaster knows the power of original, unique content. Getting the unique content
distributed online so that the client’s website and links can be seen by a greater audience is vital.
After submitting the unique article to an online directory of articles that is relevant to the client’s
particular website niche, this article gets read and picked up by many other webmasters and
sometimes even offline publications.

Article Submission is the way to promote client’s website and link that produces real results
almost immediately. We provide the client with full reports to ensure that the client stays on top of
the link campaign.

Article Submission is a white-hat, ethical technique used by webmasters to gain new one way
links and help promote their website or specific link URLs. The technique has many different
forms but typically involves some sort of promotional content that encourages others to publish
the link as a ‘biography box’ or ‘author’s link’ on their own websites and publications.

Why should the client go for article submission?
· Powerful method of getting quality ONE-WAY incoming links to the client’s site. An easy
way to build links at cheap prices.
· Search engines love links from content-rich pages.
· Helps to build the client’s site as an authority site.
· If the client is consistent in submitting the articles, it ensures a steady flow of quality
backlinks to the client’s site - this is what Google loves.
· It will be the most successful marketing strategy in 2006 according to many internet
· Nearly every professional search engine marketer considers article submission as one of
the main part in their link building process.

Important Points to be borne in mind while submitting articles:

1. Make sure to properly check the guidelines of various article directories - some directories will
strip out HTML and some don't. Make sure you take proper care of that in order to obtain
maximum links with good anchor texts.
2. Don't use the same article(s) that you submit to article directories ON your website as that may
trigger duplicate filters of search engines. If you want to, atleast tweak your article a bit.
3. Don't make too many links to your website in your article - as the chances of your article being
approved decreases. As a rule of thumb, get one link in 'Article Body' and two links in 'Author Bio'
- this works well for most of the article directories.
4. Find as many article directories as possible that are related to the content on the client’s site.
Google this.
5. Make sure to submit your article in only RELEVANT article directories and it should be
submitted in the correct category.
6. Consistency is the key. It is a fact that as more and more articles are added to the article
directories, your article will go lower in the listings, but if you constantly and consistently submit
new articles, then you will continue to reap the benefits.

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